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Our Folk Horror Bingo began as a bit of fun, intended not to mock the genre and its trappings but to celebrate the things we love about it. Originally it was billed as a tongue-in-cheek guide to help you make sure you didn’t accidentally stray into your own folk horror situation, but one day we thought it’d be fun to try it out on an actual folk horror film, and soon enough we had a list going ranking the films by their bingo score. We had so much fun doing it that we knew we had to share the experience with you, so we’ve put together this little booklet so you can start your own rankings.

There's enough bingo sheets to rank 13 movies and there's room to make notes and film lists too. Each pack contains one booklet and an engraved Hwæt! mini bingo pencil so you can easily keep score as you watch the film of your choice.

The booklet and pencil come presented in a wax stamped glassine bag, cos everyone likes fancy packaging right?

When you use your bingo booklet do share your results with us on our Instagram @hwaetzine, as we will also be sharing some of our own rankings!

The Bingo Guide is also available as a print and can be found in our shop.