Lore of the Land - Ilkley

Lore of the Land - Ilkley

This second instalment in our Lore of the Land mini-zine series was created to accompany a walk on Rombald's Moor, a giant expanse of moorland overlooking the town of Ilkley. Upon it can be found the handiwork of giants, the dwelling-places of fairies, magical regenerative springs, witch coven meeting places, unexplained carvings of Romano-Celtic water deities, gorgeous stone circles, and a plethora of ancient cup-and-ring marked stones. Like the first LOTL zine, which was focused on the town of Todmorden, this issue was originally created as a guide for those joining our guided folklore walk on Ilkley Moor, but we have again decided to make it available to all!

Illustrated throughout with accompanying photography of the area, this zine is perfect for anyone wanting an accessible guide to the complex lore of Ilkley and its moorland, from Roman forts and Anglo-Saxon carvings to the mysterious figures of Verbeia and Vedica.

Pick up a copy and head to the moors, but don't forget to keep your eye on the map, as it's easy to get pixie-led when the mist rolls in...

48 pages, saddle stitch, recycled paper.
Sent out in a biodegradable mailer.